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Property Management Services in Westchester

Librett Real Estate Group offers comprehensive property management services, making them an excellent choice for property owners seeking professional management. Their team of experts ensures seamless operations and optimal performance for all types of properties. From tenant relations to maintenance and financial management, LREG provides personalized solutions tailored to meet each client's specific needs, ensuring peace of mind and maximizing the value of their investments.

LREG is not only experienced with property management and consulting, but also construction, purchasing and liaising with unions and building staff members. Librett Residential, an affiliate of LREG, is a full service brokerage. Please visit www.LibrettResidential.com for more information.

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Consulting & Project Management Services

Librett Real Estate Group offers comprehensive consulting and project management services to organizations of all sizes. Our professional staff is adept at efficiently and reliably managing complex situations, ensuring smooth operations and optimal outcomes.

LREG's consulting services include guidance for newly appointed board members and support during transition periods. We also excel in managing upcoming capital improvement projects, acting as liaisons and project managers between contractors, engineers, boards, and residents. Additionally, LREG assists with union negotiations, refinancing underlying mortgages without costly brokers, and real estate tax certiorari procedures to ensure timely filings. Our expertise and dedication makes us the go-to choice for efficient and effective consulting and project management services.

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What Separates Us From Other Property Management Companies in Westchester NY

Searching for a full service property management company in Westchester County and New York City? Discover what Librett Real Estate Group has to offer by calling 914-636-6100.

Librett Real Estate Group is a full service property management firm serving Westchester County and New York City offering state of the art Owner and Board Portals to provide shareholders easy access to all necessary announcements, payment and billing options and management communications as well as more. We provide personalized Westchester County and New York City property management services.

Full-Service Property Management

Please visit our property management page here for a comprehensive list of our provided services throughout Westchester County and New York City.

Customer Service

LREG values customer service and satisfaction above all else when it comes to your property management needs.

Seamless Property Management Transitions

Our proactive and professional team will guide you through the process of property management transition through an orderly transfer of records and documents while simultaneously developing a comprehensive plan to address concerns of the board.

Home Sales & Rentals

LREG is also a full service brokerage for home sales and rentals. Please visit www.LibrettResidential.com to view our listings and find more information.

What Our Clients Say

I am a member of the Board of Directors of Inverness House. We have been managed by Librett since 2022 and I have been very pleased with the personal attention we have received from Steve, his property managers and staff. I highly recommend them.

J. P.

Highly recommend. When I call Librett’s office someone always picks up and if the person I need to speak to isn’t available, someone else will try to help. Librett doesn’t do business by transferring you to the black hole of voicemails. Our property manager Carla is responsive to emails and has her finger on the pulse of the complex. Steve has tons of connections and makes sure projects get done. Having lived through 4 management companies in 8 years, I say with confidence that Librett is the best!

S. M.

Librett Real Estate Group made the process easy and enjoyable. Their expertise and dedication to helping you find the perfect home is truly admirable. From start to finish, they were always available to answer your questions and guide you through each step of the process. The Librett Real Estate Group truly goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients are satisfied and happy with their new home.

J. A.

Who We Are

Librett Real Estate Group (“LREG”) stands out as a premier choice for property management services in Westchester County and New York City. With a large staff of professionals boasting extensive backgrounds in all facets of property management, LREG ensures that clients receive top-notch service and expertise.

At the helm is Steve Librett, the founder and President, who brings over 35 years of executive experience to the table. Under his leadership, LREG has become synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and excellence in property management.

LREG currently manages over 3,000 residential units and approximately 330,000 square feet of office space, showcasing their extensive portfolio and capability to handle diverse property types. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with their proven track record of success, makes LREG the ideal choice for anyone seeking property management services in Westchester County and New York City.

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