Are you interested in investing in Westchester?

Westchester is the ideal alternative for investors looking to invest in the area without the furor of New York City. In line with this, Librett Real Estate Group outlines several neighborhoods that you could consider for your next investment.


Starting off at number one is one of the best places voted by locals. Rye is known for its beautiful character, low crime rating, and to cap it off, it is just a few minutes from NYC. This quaint and extraordinarily vibrant town is located next to the Connecticut border and enjoys a coastal shoreline.

While it has a small footprint, you should not be fooled by it. Locals here have quick and easy access to contemporary urban amenities. The public system offers quality public schools and community centers. You will also find excellent and vibrant golf courses and restaurants.

You will find several tenants who live in Rye but work in the big city thanks to the trains. On the Metro-North, it is only an hour to Grand Central.


Another local favorite and highly rated neighborhood is Bronxille. This quaint village is situated some 20 minutes from Midtown Manhattan in southern Westchester County. It is in high demand since it offers a fast commute into Manhattan for businessmen and professionals.

The quality of schools in Bronxville also contributes to its high status. Of notable mention is Bronxville High School. The school is known for its commendable academic programs and competitive sports.


All these factors contribute to the price tag of homes in Bronxville. To afford the typical investment property, be ready to part with six to seven figures.

New Rochelle

Since we are on the southern side of Westchester County, it would only be prudent to mention New Rochelle. This is one of the best towns on this side of the county offering a mix of urban amenities and a suburban feel.

New Rochelle offers a range of high-performing public schools which are highly regarded in and out of state. Commuters love this neighborhood since you are assured to be in the city within half an hour.

Should you be interested in New Rochelle, we would recommend that you consider investing in its downtown area. The neighborhood is receiving a facelift with new developments, a growing collection of social establishments, and a vibrant art scene.

Dobbs Ferry

If you are a climate expert or green community professional, you must have heard about Dobbs Ferry before. The neighborhood was given the designation Climate Smart Community in 2014. Walking through the streets of Dobbs Ferry, you can feel the change in ambiance and fresh air; not to mention the tree-lined streets.

The residents of Dobbs Ferry enjoy the community aspect of the area. This includes quality public schools, fitted community centers, green spaces, and sports fields. Should you wish your child to attend higher education closer to home, Mercy College is an option that they can consider.


Briarcliff Manor

As you must have figured out from the name, Briarcliff Manor has quite a history attached to it. The neighborhood has been the home to the Astors, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts in the past. And to add, you will find several historical landmarks and mansions in the neighborhood.

Briarcliff Manor is situated to the north of New York between the Pocantino and Hudson Rivers. To add the feel of peace and affluence, the neighborhood boasts over 100 acres of parks and recreational facilities well maintained by the local authorities.

Should you be able to meet the asking price, this is one neighborhood that comes highly recommended.


Similar to Briarcliff Manor, Tarrytown is loaded with decades of history and culture in its foundation. It is adjacent to Irvington and has a chic and modern feel. Situated on the River Hudson, you can enjoy breathtaking views as you move around the various parts of the neighborhood.

While you might be away from NYC, don’t think you will miss out on entertainment. You will enjoy world-class and quality performances at the Tarrytown Music Hall. In terms of dining, there are several options that you can walk into and enjoy a hearty meal.

You will only spend half an hour moving from Tarrytown to New York City. This is thanks to the reliability and consistency of the Metro North-Hudson Line.



Adjacent to Dobbs Ferry, we have the beautiful neighborhood of Irvington. When you walk into the neighborhood, you will appreciate the vibrant suburban feel that oozes from every corner.

The neighborhood is known for its affluent locals and it has been ranked on Bloomberg as one of the wealthiest places in the country.

Irvington is situated along the Hudson and therefore gives residents and visitors a once-in-a-lifetime view. In addition, the neighborhood is situated just 40 minutes by car to Manhattan and an even shorter timeline should you choose to use the Metro North.

A local favorite is the Irvington Theater which hosts films and plays regularly.

Bottom Line

Are you considering Westchester as your next investment option? Each of the neighborhoods mentioned above is unique.

You might need a local property professional to help you identify the characteristics of each and match them to your unique property needs. Get in touch with the professionals from Librett Real Estate Group.

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