Expert Guidance and Seamless Project Execution

Regardless of your organization’s size or the complexity of your situation, Librett Real Estate Group’s professional staff is ready to provide you efficient and reliable management.

LREG offers various consulting services, as follows:

  • LREG also offers consulting services for newly appointed Board members, as well as services to assist in a transition period where the entire Board of Directors has been replaced. ie; The position of Treasurer. LREG is there to help!
  • Upcoming Capital Improvement projects: Your property is about to embark on a major, costly project. Perhaps the Board is uncomfortable overseeing the project or perhaps there is an Engineer involved with the project. This is where LREG comes in, to act as a liaison and/or project manager between the contractor, engineer, the Board and the residents.
  • Assisting with Union negotiations, including staff issues.
  • Assisting with re‑financing the underlying mortgage. Eliminating the need for costly brokers.
  • Assisting with real estate tax certiorari procedures, to ensure that filings are performed annually.