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Librett Real Estate Group… Professional Property Management for co-ops, condominiums, rental and commercial properties in Manhattan, NY

Librett Real Estate Group is a full-service property management company specializing in the lower Westchester County area, as well as properties throughout the NYC boroughs.

Manhattan, New York

  1. We specialize in the lower Westchester County area, as well as properties throughout the NYC boroughs.
  2. We are experts at correcting problems incurred by previous ineffective management.
  3. We are extremely service oriented and experienced in all phases of property management. Calls and emails from both the Board/Owners and residents are answered in a timely manner.
  4. In the event of any emergency in the building our firm maintains a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) days a week phone number for emergency calls after normal business hours. Our Emergency Staff is prepared to respond and handle any type of emergency and our response is aimed at reducing any inconvenience and damage.
  5. We are extremely proud that we are able to immediately translate the Board/Owner’s directives into action. When Management is instructed to act on a Board/Owner decision, that decision is implemented immediately.
  6. Our office staff is knowledgeable in property management and the staff member who answers the phone can assist the caller immediately. No endless automated voicemail loop and pressing extensions to reach your party!
  7. Owner Portals:
    • Through our State of the Art Appfolio software, Shareholders may set up their own personalized Portals. The Portal enables Shareholders to receive the monthly statements via email (although if chosen, they may still receive them via mail), pay their monthly charges online or via ACH Debit from their checking account. They may also pay by check and by electronic check, which is set up with their bank. They may also view their payment history, contact management, view memos and more!
    • The Owner Portal also allows the Shareholder to submit and follow up Work Orders.
  8. Board Portals: The Board Portal enables all Board members or designated members to log onto the system to view all financial information at any given time.
    • We are also able to upload documents to the system that the Board may view at any time. i.e.; end of month financial reports, Purchase applications, or whatever the Board may desire.
    • Shared files may also be uploaded for all owners to view. ie; end of year financial statements, meeting Minutes, etc.
  9. Construction & Project Management
  10. Property inspections- The Agent will make regular inspections of the property and Agent will advise the Board/Owners of any abnormalities and will submit suggestions and estimates for the correction of any defect.

Contact us at (914) 636-6100, and we’ll start determining a favorable property management service plan that is catered to the unique needs of your Manhattan property.


Manhattan is one of five boroughs of New York City and has the same boundaries as New York County. Most of the borough consists of Manhattan Island, which is bounded by the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers, along with some land on the mainland and small islands.

Manhattan has an estimated population of 1.63 million people, all living in an area of just 23 square miles. This gives Manhattan a population density of 70,826 people per square mile, or 27,346 per square kilometer. Manhattan is the most densely populated of the five NYC boroughs and also the most densely populated county in the United States. It is more dense than any city in the country and one of the most densely populated areas on earth.

On weekdays, the number of commuters pushes the Manhattan population to more than 3.9 million, or 170,000 people per square mile.

Manhattan is the smallest borough in terms of land area and the third-largest in terms of population behind Brooklyn and Queens. Between 2000 and 2030, the population of Manhattan is expected to grow by 289,000 people. The school-age population is expected to increase, compared to an expected decline in New York City as a whole, by the elderly population is projected to grow by 58%.